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Seeking an alcohol de-addiction centre in Madurai? we offer top-class care and personalized treatment plans.Located in Tamil Nadu ,India. Take the first step towards a healthier, addiction-free future with us.

Iyengaran Faith Care Centre
3/199, Manthikulam, Karuvanur Post,
New, Natham Rd, Madurai,
Tamil Nadu 625014
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +91 98404 45693

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Experience the extraordinary Iyengaran Alcohol De-addiction Centre, located conveniently on New Natham Road in Manthikulam, Madurai,Tamil Nadu, India. As a renowned addiction treatment center, we specialize in helping individuals overcome alcohol and drug dependencies.

Our facility excels in providing comprehensive psychiatric care, family counseling, group therapy, and top-notch detoxification services. With our residential support programs, exceptional results are guaranteed, all within a nurturing recovery environment. 

Waste no time—reach out to us now and embark on a transformative journey of effective rehabilitation and detoxification for your loved ones. Choose the best addiction rehab center that truly cares.

Detoxification Services

We offer detox programs for addiction at our facility. These programs help people get rid of harmful substances in a safe and medically supervised way. Our expert medical staff takes care of patients during this important phase of recovery.

Alcohol Deaddiction

Our program helps people stop drinking alcohol. We use different types of treatments such as talking to a therapist and being part of a support group. This helps with both the physical and mental parts of addiction. We create a plan just for each person to make sure we can help them the best we can.

Drug Rehabilitation

We help individuals overcome drug addiction through talking therapy, learning programs, and relapse prevention. Our team provides ongoing support, even after the program, to ensure a successful recovery. With our proven track record and commitment to treating addiction's root causes, we can support a drug-free, healthier lifestyle.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We specialize in treating individuals who have co-occurring mental health disorders alongside substance abuse problems. Our integrated approach addresses both conditions simultaneously for comprehensive healing.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling lets people talk about their emotions and challenges with trained therapists in a private setting. It helps to learn coping skills and personal growth while in recovery.

Aftercare Support

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre helps people even after they finish our program. We have support to help them stay sober and keep on the right track. This includes ways to stop going back to using drugs or alcohol again, a group for people who finished our program, and we can help them find other places in the community to help them.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

CBT helps uncover and restructure negative thought patterns that fuel addictive behaviors. This therapy empowers individuals to challenge unhelpful thinking and develop healthier responses to stress and triggers.

Family Therapy

Addiction impacts not only the individual but also their loved ones. Family therapy provides a safe space to heal relationships, address communication issues, and build a strong support network for lasting recovery.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

In conjunction with therapy, certain medications may play a role in recovery. MAT can reduce cravings, manage withdrawal, and reduce the likelihood of relapse, especially for specific addictions.

Sober Living Homes

After a structured treatment program, sober living homes offer a transition back into independent life. These environments maintain a substance-free setting and offer ongoing support for continued sobriety.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

We offer different treatment levels to meet individual needs. Inpatient (residential) provides 24/7 support ideal for severe addiction. Outpatient programs offer more flexibility, allowing continued work or family commitments while receiving intensive therapy.

Personalized Treatment Plans

No two individuals are the same. Our treatment plans are tailored to cater to your specific needs, goals, and the nature of addiction.

Why to Choose Our De-Addiction Centre in Madurai?

Discover a path to reclaim your life at Iyengaran Faith Care Centre, the premier rehabilitation and de-addiction centre in Tamil Nadu,India. With our expert support and personalized treatment programs, regain control over your life and start your transformative journey to recovery today.

Effective De-addiction and Rehabilitation

Located in Madurai, at Iyengaran Faith Care Centre, we provide exceptional de-addiction and rehabilitation services.
Moreover, our experienced team is fully dedicated to helping individuals effectively overcome their addictions and pave the way towards fulfilling lives.

Personalized Treatment Programs

We understand that each person's journey to recovery is unique. Therefore, at Iyengaran Faith Care Centre in Madurai, we offer personalized treatment programs tailored to individual needs.
By doing so, we ensure the best chance for long-term success in de-addiction and rehabilitation.

Holistic Approach

With years of experience and expertise, Iyengaran Faith Care Centre in Madurai surpasses mere symptom management. Our comprehensive approach focuses on addressing the underlying factors contributing to addiction.
Through personalized care tailored to individual needs, we provide a holistic recovery journey encompassing physical, emotional, and psychological aspects.
Trust our team's experience and expertise for lasting results and overall well-being.

Supportive Environment

At Iyengaran Faith Care Centre, we place a strong emphasis on fostering a supportive and compassionate environment for individuals undergoing de-addiction and rehabilitation.
Our dedicated team is committed to deeply understanding, genuinely valuing, and continuously motivating each individual throughout their transformative journey.
With our comprehensive guidance and unwavering support, we strive to ensure successful recovery and long-lasting transformation.

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Testimonials from Our Cured Patients on Iyengaran Faith Care Centre
  • Our Patients Share Their Testimonials with You
Patient testimonial From Mr Anandhu Krishna
Truly the best alcohol de-addiction centre in Tamil Nadu. We’ll equipped amenities and skilled staff along with the exceptional hygiene makes this stand out from the rest.. The location in itself is serene which is a major necessity for such facilities.
Anandhu Krishna
Best de-addction centre in south india .... good infrastructure...counselors individual care for each patients affordable fees medicine provided by the best doctors of madurai individual beds for each yoga meditation exercise are give professional trainer's 24hrs medical facilities with well educated caring wardens family counselling individual counselling life changing centre for many lives
Vimal Raj
Nirmal Kumar Guest Testimonial
If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.
Nirmal Kumar
Iyengaran de-addiction centre service is good wonderful classes and effective counseling.hygiene and maintenance is very good
Janani Rajalingam
  • Panju

    One of the best in tamilnadu.It was a nice place which helped to improved patient mental health. The were very considerate and helped us with all aspects. I am thankful to the management and the team of doctors who were very helpful.

  • Christina Joy
    Christina Joy

    I recently had the privilege of visiting Iyengaran Faith Care Centre, and I am truly impressed with the life-changing work they do. Under the leadership of the dedicated and down-to-earth owner, Mr. Iyengaran, this deaddiction center has become a beacon of hope for those seeking to overcome addiction.The center's commitment to saving lives is evident in the positive transformations I witnessed during my visit. The staff's compassion and expertise create a supportive environment, fostering recovery and giving individuals a chance to reclaim their lives.I wholeheartedly recommend Iyengaran Faith Care Centre to anyone in need of a comprehensive and compassionate approach to addiction recovery. It's an invaluable resource for those looking to embark on a journey toward a healthier, addiction-free life.

  • Karthika Devi
    Karthika Devi

    One of the best De-addiction centre in madurai. Here you have professional Counselors and Doctors who take care of the patients well. high security, so patients won't be able to escape easily. everyone is given individual attention. So, the ambience is peaceful with good scenery. Patients were given enough physical activities like yoga, exercise, and walking time,playtime in evening. They have good transportation facilities too.

  • Marikumar

    My friend was treated in Iyengaran faith care center for de - addicition treatment the treatment procedure is good and my friend is living sober for the past 5 years successfully thank u. All of as Iyengaran faith care 🙏🙏🙏

  • Aslam Mohamadu
    Aslam Mohamadu

    I was a bit hesitant to enroll my younger brother but after talking to them the hesitation went away. Currently my younger brother has been treated for three months. I am giving this review after one year. My younger brother has been healthy for one year without alcohol addiction. Thank you.

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Questions & Answers

Iyengaran Faith Care Centre is a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addiction located in Manthikulam,Natham Road, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

What are the types of addiction treated at Iyengaran Faith Care Centre?
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction (including prescription medications and illicit substances)
  • Tobacco addiction

The duration of treatment varies depending on the individual’s needs and the severity of their addiction. However, typical programs at Iyengaran Faith Care Centre likely include:

  • Short-term program (30-60 days): Designed for those with less severe addictions and strong support systems.
  • Long-term program (90+ days): Recommended for more severe addictions or those needing intensive support.

The cost of treatment likely depends on the length of the program and the type of accommodations chosen. Contact Iyengaran Faith Care Centre directly for the most accurate pricing information.

  • Residential accommodations: Private or shared rooms.
  • Counseling rooms: For individual and group therapy sessions.
  • Recreational areas: For exercise and relaxation.
  • Dining facilities: Providing meals.
  • Possibly spiritual/religious spaces: faith-based elements are part of our program.
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